WATCH: Philly police apologize for use of tear gas

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Transcript for Philly police apologize for use of tear gas

I’ve invited you here. In order to revisit the events that transpired on June 1 2020. At approximately 4:55 PM on interstate 676. As many of you are aware why intervening in a demonstration members of the police department swat unit. The plight less than lethal munitions in the direction of groups and individuals who had entered the roadway. In order to proceed but the protests that began earlier in the day. During the response. Members of the swat unit deployed the following types of less than lethal munitions. OC spray also known as pepper spray. CS gas also known as tear gas. White smoke which is used to dilute actual chemicals. Being backgrounds and plastic pellets containing OC spray. In the immediate aftermath of the use of these munitions. I didn’t join Mary Kinney at a joint statement wherein I stated. Today’s deployment of tear gas was a means to safely defuse a volatile and dangerous situation. And restore order but it became increasingly clear that other measures were ineffective in accomplishing that necessary objective. In addition. In a subsequent press conference held on June 2 2020 I stated. The option of deploying tear gas was elected only when it became evident that other options were not effective. In the weeks that have followed I have learned that relative to 676. Those statements are substantially. So extensively in accurate. As that now personally viewed video evidence that largely contradicts the material portions of those statements. In making those statements I relied on information which was relayed to me after the initial deployment. Of the described munitions and for that. I humbly apologize to those who were directly impact it as well let’s to our communities and march.

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{“duration”:”2:01″,”description”:”Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw authorized the use of tear gas and pepper spray on protesters earlier this month and has since declared a moratorium on tear gas for crowd control.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/US”,”id”:”71474536″,”title”:”Philly police apologize for use of tear gas”,”url”:”/US/video/philly-police-apologize-tear-gas-71474536″}


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